We offer a at home tray whitening system provided by Boutique Whitening which you can whiten your teeth as you sleep, with the trays being worn overnight. It is designed for people who want great results without the inconvenience of wearing trays during the day. We offer a 10% CP and a 16% CP formula with 10% CP being a milder formula for patients who have sensitive teeth

Step 1
You would need to book an appointment with one of our dentists to take check suitability and take impressions of your teeth so that they can be made into custom moulds. There is a two-week wait for the next appointment to allow time for the custom trays to be made. We will then see you for a further appointment, on the second visit you will collect your trays along with whitening gel and full instructions on use.

Step 2
Your whitening treatment will involve you placing the gel into your custom made moulds and wearing them overnight, for two weeks. Included in your package you will receive upper and lower whitening trays, 2 x 10% CP and 2 x 16% CP whitening gel. We advise patients to use the 10% CP whitening gel at first followed by the remaining 16% CP whitening gel.

Step 3
Your brighter smile can be topped up at home as required, as you can wear the trays for one night every other month.



We also offer an option of purchasing further whitening gel for future top-ups priced at £20 per tube.
This service is also available to non-registered patients. Please call for a free consultation with one of our treatment co-ordinators.
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